Nissan Navara gets monstrous upgrade to 800-hp GT-R engine image

The Nissan Navara NP300 is your typical workhorse midsized pickup truck and while there are numerous owners that would love to have some additional “lifestyle” added, we can’t imagine there are just as many looking for a tuning upgrade.

But for the select bunch there’s still a solution – Shropshire-based SVM has decided to turn the Japanese pickup truck in to an automotive equivalent of The Hulk. That said, let’s explain – the bi-turbodiesel 2.3-liter engine has been axed in favor for the Doble Cab configuration pickup truck switching to the feisty biturbo 3.8-liter V6 taken from a GT-R R35. And refitting the engine from the supercar was not even the beginning – while a standard 2017 GT-R can now do 565 horsepower, this reworked Navara has the six cylinder jumping to a hulking 800 hp. And if that is still not enough you make take this Hulk and turn it into Godzilla as Severn Valley Motorsport says they can still bump up the power level to a Bugatti Chiron-sized 1,500 hp.

Aside from the obvious engine retrofit, the Navara also uses the GT-R dual-clutch six-speed transmission and all-wheel drive system. Since they went this far, we believe SVM when they say “anything is possible” – for example fitting a manual gearbox to send the entire power to the rear drive axle alone. By the way, the sky is not the limit here – rather the owner’s bank account, with pricing kicking off at around £175,000 ($251,840) before value added tax.

Via Severn Valley Motorsport