The one-tone pick-up truck Navara will be manufactured in Thailand, after an agreement between Nissan Motor and the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC).

Being part of an agreement signed in December 2010, which aims the scope expanding between the two car manufacturers, the production of the Nissan Navara at the plant in Laem Chabang Industrial Estate in Thailand is schedualed to commence in 2012.

The plant in Thailand where the Navara will be manufactured has an annual capacity of 200.000 units and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will add a thid plant, the investment value or the number ibeing currently unknown.

The marketing strategy also includes the development of Nissan’s minicar business in Japan.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s new plant in Thailand is also intended for developing a new global compact model, schedueled for production in March 2012.

Further colaboration between Nissan and Mitsubishi is expected in order to reduce production costs, the enhancement of competitiveness in both companies being inevitable.



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