Nissan’s New Plan: Cheap Cars for the Indian Market image

In views of providing attractive options to consumers in India, Nissan Motor Co. has planned to roll out cheap automobiles for emerging markets under its brand “Datsun” in 2014.

This plan has been taken up after the interests of people into low cost products and to form control in the faster growing countries.

Its series of cheap vehicles will be priced around 500, 000 yen which is around $6, 200. These planned vehicles will be first constructed as well as sold in India, Russia and Indonesia following which more markets would be added to the list. Nissan is the second major automaker in Japan and it hopes to sell a total of 300,000 Datsuns in a year.

No comments have been given by Nissan spokesman regarding this plan, but the automaker is constantly pushing into the growing markets since long to expand its business while making profits.

Nissan formed partnership with an Indian company, Ashok Leyland Ltd and has lately announced a factory based in Brazil. This factory will increase company’s market share to triple amount by 2016. Nissan also has further plans to restart the discontinued vehicles from different brands in the industry.

Here the automaker will take up vehicles that were launched during 1970s and 1980s and will modify them by integrating additional advanced features and specs. Some vehicles that are listed in the plan are Dodge Dart and Toyota 86. These models will be re-released this April 2012.

As per the reports, Datsun will make models that are customized to serve specific requirements of each market.