Nissan Offers an Upgraded Leaf Electric Car image

Tuesday, November 20th, Nissan unveiled at a Tokyo hotel, the revamped Leaf electric car.

According to Nissan, the upgraded Leaf electric car can now travel more on a single charge, is cheaper and announces drivers how much battery life is left. Nissan took the decision to upgrade the model after customers expressed their concerns of running out of battery while driving. Although electric car owners have charging equipments at their homes, the recharging stations on the roads are still scarce, which limits EV use to short commutes.

Nissan says that the new model can travel up to 228 kilometers (142 miles) on a single charge, an increase from the previous 200 kilometers (124 miles), on one condition: don’t use the air conditioning. The model is available in Japan for 2.5 million yen ($31,000), cheaper than the previous model which was priced at 3 million yen ($37,000).

Nissan Leaf, which is currently the most popular EV, sold since 2010 more than 43,000 units, almost half of them in Japan. In the US the company sold 17,000 units and monthly sales reached 1,500 units. Senior Vice President Masaaki Nishizawa said that by the end of this year the number of recharging facilities will be offered to 700 dealers in the country, from the current 200.