Nissan Offers Discounts to Hurricane Victims image

Nissan announced it will offer discounts to Hurricane Sandy victims whose cars were destroyed by the flooding.

“Nissan is a major player in the Northeast region with more than 225 dealers in the affected area and is eager to lend a hand to neighbors who have been left without a means of personal transportation, ” said Brian Carolin, Nissan North America senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Today, November 2nd, Nissan will post more details about the program on a “disaster relief” link at the company said that these special deals are available to all eligible customers from the areas affected by the hurricane. Nissan Motor Acceptance, Nissan’s finance arm, will allow eligible customers defer payments up to three months. The offer will expire on January 2nd.

Hurricane Sandy affected the US East Coast and many cars and trucks were flooded or destroyed by downed trees. There is no exact number of how many cars have been destroyed during the storm. Edmunds warned used-car customers to be careful when they purchase a car because many flood-damaged vehicles are offered for sale after a major hurricane.

“Once owners of damaged cars settle up with their insurance companies, vehicles are sometimes refurbished and resold, usually to an unsuspecting buyer in a state unaffected by the disaster,” said Ron Montoya, consumer advice editor.