Nissan officially announces Infiniti cars will be sold in Japan image

The company said yesterday that it would start selling Infiniti-badged cars in Japan for the first time as it tries to position the brand as a global competitor to prestige European cars.

Japan’s second-biggest carmaker said it would sell its redesigned Skyline sedan with the Infiniti badge on the front, steering wheel and wheels from late February 2014. The model is sold overseas as the Infiniti Q50.

“We decided to put (on) the Infiniti badge so that we can promise to our customers that the new Skyline is a global premium sedan,” said Executive Vice President Hiroto Saikawa, recently been promoted to the company’s de facto No.2.

The move is part of Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn’s plan to develop the 25-year-old Infiniti brand – sold mainly in the United States – to compete globally with the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Nissan said the redesigned Infiniti-badged Skyline would be sold at Nissan dealerships in Japan. It would not set up an Infiniti-only sales and service network in Japan; nor would it introduce a range of Infiniti vehicles in the home market. Additionally, Executive Vice President Andy Palmer would not say if the Yokohama-based carmaker would put the Infiniti badge on other cars sold in Japan.

While Nissan has not provided its current market share, Yoshiaki Kawano, an autos analyst at IHS Automotive, estimated that Infiniti in 2012 held a 2.5 % share in the global premium market and expects it to grow to 3.3 % by 2018.

Ghosn has set aggressive goals for Infiniti, aiming to triple its global sales to 500,000 vehicles by around 2017 and expand its share of the premium market, where Infiniti cars are sold, to 10 % on average by the end of the decade.

Via Reuters