Nissan Pixo gets axed image

The Nissan Pixo has been recently axed the company wants to focus more on cars like the Micra, the Note or the Juke.

Those of you looking into the Nissan Pixo as a city car will be disappointed to find out that the model will be discontinued. The announcement hasn’t been made officially, in a press release, but it was confirmed by a company’s spokesman, who told Autocar that the Japanese based automaker will kill the Pixo. According to our source, Nissan will continue to focus on small cars, such as the Micra, the Note or the Juke. Considering the fact that the Suzuki Alto is based on the Nissan Pixo, chances are that this will be axed too, even if no details on the subject have been announced yet.

The Nissan Pixo was enjoying good sales in the United Kingdom until the Dacia Sandero, with its sub-6,000 GBP price has hit the market and, despite being one of the cheapest cars available for order, the Pixo also felt cheap, which made customers choose other vehicles. We’re not sure yet if Nissan will create a successor of the Pixo or how the model’s axing will affect the Suzuki Alto, so we’re expecting a press release soon to answer these questions.