Nissan Plans to Double Note Sales Relying on the Sleeker Design and New Safety Technologies image

Nissan relies on the Note’s new high-end safety technologies and sleeker design to double sales of the model.

According to the Japanese automaker the Safety Shield featured in the Note subcompact is a segment which provides customers affordable assistance features which are usually found in larger and more expensive premium vehicles. The system is able to monitor movements 360-degrees around the vehicle and offers lane-departure warning, blind-spot warning and moving-object detection.

According to Nissan, the Safety Shields does not rely on costly radar technology and multi-cameras as other rival systems do, but on data sent from only one wide-angle rearview camera. With the new sleeker designed Note, Nissan aims for the heart of the subcompact segment, said Thomas Hausch, who heads Nissan’s operations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The base price for the Note is 13,990 euro and the model rivals the Ford Fiesta and the VW Polo. During its eight-year life cycle Nissan sold 472,000 units of the current Note model, but the automaker expects the new model to double sales.

Earlier this week Nissan announced that it will deliver three Versa Note vehicles in boxes from, a move which is part of a larger promotion of the new model through Amazon, aimed at creating buzz for the model.