Nissan Plans to Increase Production in North America image

Nissan plans to increase production in North America in the following three years, in an attempt to cut losses connected to the high yen.

Carla Bailo, senior vice president of research and development for Nissan Americas, said that by 2015 85% of all Nissan and Infiniti models sold in the US will be manufactured in North America, up from the current 67%.

“We need to mitigate the effect of the yen and increase capacity across North America,” said Bailo.

Over the following three years Nissan plans to increase its market share by investing $5.2 billion and creating 9,000 new jobs in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil. But to reach the target of 8.2% US market share set last year and the 8% global market share by 2016, Nissan needs engineers in a variety of areas. Therefore the company has opening for 50 engineers to be hired at its Farmington Hills Nissan Technical Center.

“We’re not just looking for mechanical or electrical engineers, but we need biomedical engineers to help us understand what happens to the body better in safety areas,” said Bailo. “We also need more chemical engineers to help us with the chemistry of our advanced technologies.”