Nissan wants to relaunch the Datsun brand and build cars that will be priced from $3,000.

The Japanese carmaker will target drivers in developing nations, including India, Indonesia and Russia, offering low-equipped cars at prices well below current Nissan offerings, according to the Wall Street Journal. The business daily says Nissan is developing six Datsun models which will be priced between $3,000 and $5,000, a price that only a few Indian and Chinese-made cars can compete with.

In order to cut costs, Nissan wants to source parts almost entirely from the country in which the car will be made and sold. Another advantage would be the absence of strict safety standards that would be applied to models in order to keep the price down.

This is why the cars will be more expensive in countries with severe safety standards. „If you go to the US, it’s not going to end up being $3,000,” Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn told Wall Street Journal in an interview published Monday. Ghosn also said a future Datsun will be modern and fresh and will appeal to buyers in developing markets as it will „make them feel good and is in their budget”.

He added Nissan will rely on Datsun to be one of its primary “accelerators of growth”, in Nissan’s quest to acquire eight per cent of the world market by 2016, up from six per cent at present.


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