Nissan Postpones Development of the First Infiniti EV image

Nissan temporarily stopped development of the first Infiniti EV, as the automaker expects cheaper and more advanced technology to be soon available.

Nissan unveiled the EV Infinti LE concept in April 2012 at the New York International Auto Show and announced that a version of the model will hit the market in about two years. Andy Palmer, executive vice president of Nissan, who is also responsible of global product planning, said that the Japanese automaker considers that more advanced EV technology is just over the horizon, which are worth waiting for.

“Certain technologies that we see now, which we didn’t see two years ago, are going to be available in a time frame that was relatively close to where we were going to introduce the Infiniti,” Mr. Palmer said. “Rather than miss those opportunities, and then have to reconfigure the car to adopt them in its life cycle, what we wanted to do is to bring those from the beginning.”

He added that the automaker has decided to postpone the timing to wait for those opportunities and redesign the vehicle according to the new innovations. Automakers are under pressure from governments’ to expand EV sales to cut the CO2 emissions and other forms of pollution.