Nissan Prepares New Hybrid and EVs Models image

Nissan aims at introducing 15 new hybrid models by 2017 and also new EVs, part of its plan to surpass competitors.

The Japanese automaker said that an electric version of its Infiniti luxury car will hit showrooms in 2014 and a fourth model in 2016. Currently Nissan struggles to sell its Leaf electric car in the US, together with GM’s Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, two models which fell short of consumer expectations. The Leaf was introduced in 2010 and after a short while the company received complaints from some drivers in the US that the vehicle’s battery capacity shrinks too quickly.

Winning back customers in the US is of utmost importance for Nissan, as the Chinese market will be a no-sales territory until the dispute between the two nations will be fixed. In November Nissan reduced its 2012 net profit target by 20% after auto sales dramatically decreased in China.

Last month Nissan’s sales in China fell 29.8%, but still an improvement from the 41% fall from October. From January to November Nissan sold 1.09 units in China, down 3.3%. Except for the Chinese market, Nissan had its best November sales month ever with 84,300 vehicles, up 9.8%, compared with 76,754 units sold in November 2011.