Nissan has revealed a new steel-blue logo that reads NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY, aimed at clearly make the difference between the company and the brand.

Under the NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY blue-gray insignia are the logos of the Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti brands. Until now the company’s emblem was red and it had NISSAN written in bold, with sassy ‘S’ letters.

“This is a significant move,” said Simon Sproule, corporate vice president for global marketing communications. “We now don’t have the risk of people not knowing if we are talking about Nissan the company or Nissan the brand.”

This change is part of Nissan’s long-time obsession to make the difference between mass-market brand Nissan, emerging-market brand Datsun and luxury brand Infiniti. Last year Infiniti registered as a separate corporation, Infiniti Motor. Nissan’s new logo was presented today, May 14th, by CEO Carlos Ghosn at the company’s full-year earnings announcement.

Ghosn said that the company has been working at this logo for the past year and that executives have chosen gray to clearly make the difference from Nissan’s red, Datsun’s blue and Infiniti’s purple. The new logo will be used from now on in companywide releases, shareholder meetings and earnings events, but not at the auto shows.

Source: Autonews


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