Nissan presents the Fuel Station of the Future image

The Japanese automaker, which produces the best selling electric car in the world – the Leaf – has released a video and picture teaser of what looks like a wireless recharging system that has been fancifully described as the “Fuel Station of the Future.”

The new system has been jointly research and developed with the Foster + Partners architecture firm, and looks like a curbside wireless recharging device usable by electric autos such as the Nissan Leaf. There’s not much information to go on about from the company itself, though the video does depict LED indicators to showcase the location of the inductive charger. A driver can park alongside the device and the lights will change color from green to blue to warn the wireless recharging system has started delivering power to the car’s battery pack. Nissan has hinted the Fuel Station of the Future is an upgrade of the 7 kW wireless charging device that was introduced in November. That was able to recharge the 60 kW battery pack the automaker has been researching during one overnight stay. The pack is also said to deliver a range of around 500 km (310 miles).

“The world around us is changing, and we find that tremendously exciting. With the rise of connected cities, there is the capacity for fueling to be built into the very fabric of our day-to-day lives – independent infrastructure could be a thing of the past,” reads the company’s press release announcing the Fuel Station of the Future. We also know the system will be formally introduced to the public this coming March, so we’re pretty sure we’re going to see it in full glory during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.