Nissan and other important companies have pulled ads from Facebook due to offensive content.

Nissan said that is has pulled its ads from Facebook as they were appearing on pages with offensive content. For some time the social network has been facing pressure from several feminist groups which ask to ban pages that glorify violence against women. Images that make jokes about or encourage violence against women have spread on Facebook, forcing companies in the UK to put on hold their campaigns, fearing that their ads could be displayed next to such content.

“We are working with Facebook to ensure any future advertisements can’t follow users into pages that may be deemed offensive, ” said Nissan spokesman David Reuter. “We will continue to work with [Facebook] to ensure that we can opt out of advertising on any pages that may be deemed offensive.”

Facebook bans content which is ‘directly harmful’ such as “anything organizing real world violence, theft, or property destruction, or that directly inflicts emotional distress on a specific private individual (e.g. bullying)”, but accepts content which is merely controversial or offensive.

Nissan said that Facebook plays an important role in its advertising campaign as the automaker targets young people. Models such as the Sentra, Pathfinder and Altima are the most important for Nissan’s advertising.

“Working with Facebook, we realized that if an individual goes to a page that may have offensive content on it, our ads could follow them into those pages,” Reuter said.

Source: Autonews


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