Nissan seems to agree that a good paint job can do wonders when it comes to a prospective buyer or just onlookers – aiding the car to become even more appealing.

Not that the 2015 GT-R actually needed more “modjo”, but the Japanese seem to have taken lessons from the Middle Eastern “bling” diggers, where the more expensive and wacky the paint job (besides other amenities, of course), the better.

So, at its latest event, the company caught everybody’s eyes with… gold, real gold that is. The “regal red” tone for the 2015 GT-R was upgraded with gold flecks, giving the car an eerie golden sparkle in bright sunlight.

With a US price of $107,650 the new paint scheme is not really expensive at $3,000, but once you get it, you also need a way to preserve it – we all know that Mother Nature has its ways of tarnishing our spotless cars.

For example, a company, called Ziebart has also unveiled a proprietary paint protection film dubbed as “Z-Shield” that works on cars like the 2015 GT-R to combat the adverse effects of sun and other elements on the paint. The optically clear protection film is used on certain parts or the whole body and works just like the protective films we have on our smartphone’s display.


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