Nissan recalls 7,842 Infinitis JX35 over faulty fuel gauges image

Nissan Motor Company has announced it is recalling 7,842 Infiniti JX35 crossovers due to a problem with the fuel gauges in the respective vehicles.

According to the carmaker, a defective gauge in the luxury crossover could indicate a higher fuel level than the amount that is actually inside the tank.

This problem could lead to the JX35 running out of fuel unexpectedly, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration saying in a filing that this could increase the risk of a crash. Nissan said in a report to the NHTSA that the fuel transfer tube could be misrouted inside the fuel tank on some vehicles manufactured from February 15 through June 22. Nissan added that the problem had beed corrected and that it had notified U.S. dealers of the fuel-gauge issue on August 13. In early September, Nissan will begin sending notices to affected consumers. Repairs will be free of charge.

So far, the Japanese carmaker only received one complaint in May that a JX35 had run out of fuel, although the fuel-gauge indicated the tank was not empty.

It’s not the first problem Infiniti has with the JX35 – in July, the NHTSA also opened an investigation on possible improper application of the emergency brake.