Nissan reported record sales in 2012, due to robust sales in Asia and an increase in demand in North America.

Nissan sold a record 4.94 million vehicles last year, an increase of 5.8% from 2011. Japan’s second automaker announced that global production for 2012 was up 5.5% to 4,889,379 units, while production in Japan increased 3.2% to 1,148,265 units, thanks to a boost in demand for the new Note and Serena. Overseas production saw a rise of 6.3% to 3,741,114 units, with 644,695 units in the US, up 14.6%, 683,661 units in Mexico, up 12.6%, 510,572 units in the UK, up 6.3%, 143,165 units in Spain, down 7.5% and 1,161,168 units in China, down 6.2%.

Nissan sold exactly 4,940,133 units globally in 2012, an increase of 5.8% and 506,421 units in Japan, up 5.4%, thanks to increased demand for the new Note, NV350 Caravan and Serena. Sales in the US increased 9.5% to 1,141,656 vehicles, in Europe sales were down 2.4% to 678,697 vehicles, in China sales dropped 5.3% to 1,181,530 vehicles and sales in other regions were up 21.2% to 949,388 vehicles, due to a raise in sales in Brazil, Thailand, Australia and India.


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