Nissan responds to Tennessee discrimination bill image

Yesterday, Nissan was among the many businesses in Tennessee and around the world to voice opposition to HB600/SB632 – the proposed law that would remove discrimination protections for LGBT individuals throughout the state.

The measure bars local governments from establishing anti-discrimination policies with tighter limits than those set by the state. It effectively nullified an ordinance adopted earlier this year in Nashville.

“Nissan North America, a company with its headquarters (and two factories) in the state of Tennessee, opposes a pair of recent bills in the state legislature that overturn Nashville’s law prohibiting companies that do business with the city from discriminating against gay, lesbian, and transgender Tennesseans who work for them.”

Nissan is one of the many businesses in Tennessee (including AT&T, Comcast, FedEx and Pfizer) who now stands against the bill as a member of the executive committee of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce. While the committee originally approved the bill, intense response from activist groups and anti-discrimination advocates urged the Chamber to reverse their stance on the measure.
David Reuter, Nissan’s chief U.S. spokesman, declined to comment on whether the new law might have any impact on Nissan’s brand image.

“We have our own very progressive and strict anti-discrimination policies here at the company that go beyond state laws,” Reuter says. “We’ll continue doing what we’re doing.”