Nissan Restarts Production in China on Wednesday image

Nissan announced it will restart production on Wednesday, September 19th, at four plants in China, which were closed due to the violent attacks and demonstrations in the country.

The violent demonstrations in China made Nissan halt production at its four factories in China, located in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou and the central city of Zhengzhou. Japanese automakers and other companies announced plant closures in China and warned expatriates to stay indoors due to angry protests in the country.

“I want to leave,” a Nissan executive reportedly told Reuters, “Protests near my home were horrifying over the weekend.”

The companies which ceased production because of the territorial dispute are Canon, Panasonic, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota. The anti-Japan sentiments have been simmering for decades in China and this weekend all the hate feelings turned into violent attacks and demonstrations aimed at Japanese automakers such as Toyota and Honda, forcing frightened Japanese to hide.

“How could it be that Japan wants another lost decade, and could even be prepared to go back by two decades?” asked a front-page editorial. China “has always been extremely cautious about playing the economic card”, it said.