Nissan Shareholders Re-elected Carlos Ghosn and Board Members for Another 2-Year Term image

Nissan shareholders voted to re-elect CEO Carlos Ghosn and the board of directors for another 2-year term.

The 114th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders took place at the National Convention Hall of Yokohama and lasted almost two hours. The 1, 379 shareholders that attended the meeting voted to re-elect Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn and the company’s board of directors for another 2-year term, but they also approved the appropriation of retained earnings for the 114th fiscal year and the granting of share appreciation rights to the directors.

Ghosn also told shareholders that he expects global auto industry to sell 81 million vehicles during the fiscal year ending March 2014, up 3% compared with the previous fiscal year. he also reiterated the automaker’s target to sell a record 5.3 million new vehicles during this period, representing an increase of 7.8%, which will bring the company’s global market share to 6.5%.

Nissan division managed to set a new May sales record, with 106,558 units sold, up 31.2%. Nissan reached a new May sales record thanks to its top-selling models such as the Rogue, Sentra, Pathfinder and Altima. Nissan North America also hit a record May US sales with 114,457 units sold, up 24.7%, while Infiniti sold 7,899 vehicles, a decrease of 25.4%.