Nissan shows content with Nismo brand sales image

Just like Renault Sport, Nismo – the motorsport brand of Nissan has begun expanding its views into passenger car production and is building up an impressive line-up, backed by rather good sales for such a small division.

Sales of the Juke Nismo topped 3,700 units in Europe, Japan and the US between launch in January and the end of July. A global model, the Juke Nismo was the first of a new sporty line-up of cars, aimed at bringing excitement to customers.

“We are delighted to see that our Nismo models are well perceived by the markets,” said show ShoichiMiyatani, Nismo Business Office head of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd and President of Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. “We are encouraged to introduce further models into the markets, which will surely provide additional thrills and excitement to customer’s lives.”

The newly established road vehicle brand aims at expanding its customer base and thus newly introduced into the European market the Z Nismo – earlier marketed as the Fairlady Z Version Nismo in Japan and 370Z Nismo in the US; the Z Nismo is now accounting for 15 to 30% of Nissan Z model sales depending on market. Also, announced in June, the March Nismo will be the third model in the Nismo lineup, with first vehicle deliveries scheduled for December.

Nissan is promising a rapid pace of introduction of even more Nismo models, at least one model every year during the Nissan Power88 period, encompassing the breadth of the Nissan road car range. This will include the flagship of Nissan’s performance and technology, the GT-R. Development of the GT-R Nismo is on track in Japan with the car expected to go on sale in 2014.