Nissan starts the teasing game ahead of NV300 reveal image

It’s usually something really hard to look forward to with excitement, but the commercial side of the automotive business serves an important purpose as well – so here it is, the teasing game commences ahead of the impending reveal of Nissan’s NV300 van.

The new NV 300 will be offered as a replacement of the Primastar, and will of course be set in between the already available NV200 and NV400 models of the Japanese automaker’s lineup. The model is going to share a French connection with the group partner Renault because the latter will take charge of manufacturing it at its Sandouville factory in northwest France where it will share the assembly line with the latest generation of the Renault Trafic. That’s because the two vehicles share most of the platform and components and the Japanese model even adopts some of the French counterpart’s cues. That’s obvious from the little teaser already, even though Nissan’s corporate “V-Motion” front grille and the newest elements from the “Emotional Geometry” design language are also present.

Still, there is usually nothing emotional about designing vans, so don’t break a sweat this is going to be a revolutionary introduction – especially since we already know about the Trafic link. More importantly, Nissan says the European buyers will get a five-year / 160,000-km warranty bundled with five years of roadside assistance cover. The model will break cover in September during the Hannover Motor Show in Germany.

Nissan starts the teasing game ahead of NV300 reveal 0