We already know the Renault Nissan Alliance is keen on embracing the forefront of automotive technology – they were among the first to jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon and seem intent on doing the same with autonomous vehicles.

Which is why we’re not surprised a comprehensive study conducted by the Japanese automaker is a good statement to the fact that driverless cars will revolutionize the automotive industry. The company didn’t complete the endeavor alone, instead enlisted Policy Network to work together on the “Freeing the Road: Shaping the future for autonomous vehicles” survey. The results include the reveal that autonomous cars will contribute 0.15 percent to Europe’s annual growth rate in the decades to come and, the European gross domestic product will, cumulatively, grow 5.3 percent by 2050. When the time comes, autonomous cars would have pitched in a total of €17 trillion ($18.01 trillion) to GDP.

The survey analyzed 6,000 adults from six countries on the Old continent – with 58 percent thinking the main advantage of autonomous cars would be improved mobility. Other positive aspects would be increased safety due to reduced human errors while fewer crashes and lower stress levels were rated equally as the main health benefits by 56 percent of the interviewed. Additionally, 23 percent – or almost one in four persons – looking to acquire a car in five or more years would consider an autonomous ride.



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