Nissan Suspends Infiniti Exports to China image

Infiniti announced it will stop exports to China until January 2013.

Beijing Times reported on Saturday, October 28th, that Nissan’s sales in China were hit by the territorial dispute between the two nations, over the Diaoyu islands. Therefore Nissan decided to stop export of vehicles in China for the time being.

The Infiniti Business Unit China officials said that this decision is only temporary and that once the market conditions will be adjusted and with the clearance of the dealers’ inventory, Nissan will begin exporting Infiniti cars to China again. On the other hand, on Tuesday, October 30th, Nissan China’s public relations office said that the decision to suspend exports hasn’t been yet approved by the headquarters and therefore imports are ongoing.

Currently, the majority of vehicles exported by Nissan to China are Infiniti brand models, the other automaker’s brands, which are high-end sedans, are not selling very well. Last year Nissan sold 19,000 Infiniti cars in China and the company set the target of 30,000 units to be sold by the end of this year.
On Tuesday, Nissan’s CEO, Carlos Ghosn, warned that the automaker’s aggressive expansion in China will be affected by the tensions between the two countries.