The Japanese automaker is seemingly confirming the numerous reports from the rumor mill that it’s going to introduce an electric SUV crossover at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

The teaser features a long blue line, which is also indicative that reports were correct and we should expect the battery EV to arrive as a bigger, inspired brother of the second-generation Leaf hatchback. All answers will be given quickly – the Tokyo Motor Show kicks off with the press trade days on October 25. Details are naturally scarce at the moment, but the crossover is rumored to actually arrive on the market in 2019.

Naturally, everyone has been expecting at one point for Nissan to try and snatch the affordable electric SUV segment all for itself – probably ever since Tesla presented the Model X as the go-to electric SUV. But very few customers actually could afford an electric SUV in that price category, so the market has been left waiting for a long-range affordable SUV from an internationally renowned brand (we’re completely discarding all the attempts by Chinese brands in this segment, which are anyways localized). Nissan should of course be able to capitalize on the experience with the former and current Leaf – they have three factories waiting for its production, as well as long range battery technology in the yet to be introduced 60 kWh version of the Leaf.



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