We’re looking at a long teasing game from the Japanese brand, because this is already the second image depicting a portion of the world’s best-selling electric vehicle’s second generation.

Nissan is only going to show us the hopefully revolutionary – not evolutionary – Leaf in September, but they’re already hard at work with the marketing department that over the weekend delivered a second teaser image over Twitter, depicting a quite wide view of the front end – with the complete grille in vie and also glimpses of the headlamps. The electric hatchback is of course expected to debut first at home in Tokyo, Japan, and come with a complete new look that aligns with the latest styling developments of the brand, basically premiered by the new Micra.

Nissan teases the 2018 Leaf once more, debuts in September 2

What we can clearly see is that Nissan is adopting the latest EV trend – there’s no need for a grille anymore since we’re dealing with an electric, not an ICE – so there’s no actual radiator grille to discuss here. Instead the Nissan logo is housed in a fake plastic grille with a diamond-shaped design – it’s quite obvious completely different from the current generation’s treatment of the area. The design inspirations will be the new Micra and stylish IDS concept, while technically the Leaf is also expected to come as a significant departure from the current generation. Rumors are looking at an estimated 340 miles (547 kilometers) on a single charge – more than double the current capabilities, while we already know the ProPilot Assist technology will come with autonomous driving capabilities.



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