The brand new Nissan Terrano, the Dacia Duster-based SUV, has been spied once again, in India, close to the company’s facility in Chennai.

The development of the Nissan Terrano isn’t a surprise anymore as the company has admitted working on such a vehicle and with a deadline for its public debut, August 20, coming in with fast steps, the carmaker is currently testing the low-cost SUV, in India. The model is being spotted almost daily in the Asian country but its heavy camouflage isn’t revealing its full design, just yet. However, we can clearly see the same lines used by Renault on the Dacia Duster.

The brand new Nissan Terrano will have nothing in common with the older model using the same nameplate. The vehicle in question will receive modified body panels, new light units, new rims and so on, but the overall design will be very similar to the one of the Duster. The same platform, from the Romanian SUV, will be used on the new Terrano. The interior design of the model is said to be upgraded but it remains to be seen whether the carmaker will use the MediaNav system, signed by Renault, or its very own unit. The Nissan Terrano will be officially unveiled on the 20th of August. Details about it will remain unknown until its debut.

Source: Team BHP via Indian Autos Blog


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