Nissan Terrano (Duster), new image released image

Nissan has recently released a new image with the upcoming Terrano, the company’s own version of the Dacia / Renault Duster.

As the tie between Renault and Nissan is getting tighter and tighter, new vehicles will continue to be shared by the two companies and one of these models will be the Duster, initially badged as a Dacia, which will soon be transformed into the Terrano by Nissan. The name has nothing to do with the previous Nissan Terrano because the model in question will be based on the Dacia / Renault Duster, despite having a slightly revised design.

With Nissan working on its very own version of the Duster, chances are that the low-cost popular SUV will remain in production several more years, because developing a new generation will cannibalize the new Terrano. And speaking of the new Terrano, we must mention that besides the different front and rear fascias, the model in question will also receive some different body panels, some upgrades in the cabin and some new wheel choices. As for the engine lineup, we have no clue what Nissan will use, but considering the fact that units are being shared with Renault, we expect the diesels to be provided by the French while the petrol ones might be developed by Nissan.

Image Source: Indian Autos Blog