Nissan Terrano, the Dacia Duster-based SUV, to be unveiled on August 20 image

Nissan has recently announced the official debut on the brand new Terrano, the Duster-based SUV, on the 20th of August.

The first details on the Japanese based automaker using the Dacia Duster as basis for a brand new low-cost SUV have been around for a couple of months now and it seems that the model in question is getting closer and closer to its future customers as the final production version is said to be officially unveiled in less than 3 weeks, on the 20th of August. The model will be named the Nissan Terrano and it has nothing in common with the model previously wearing that badge.

The brand new Nissan Terrano will receive a different front fascia and rear end and almost every body panel will be modified, but the overall shape will resemble very much to the Dacia Duster, or the Renault Duster as it is known in some markets. Rumors are saying that the model will receive some tweaks into the cabin too but it remains unknown for the moment whether Nissan will use the MediaNav or its own multi-function display. Details on the new Nissan Terrano will be made public on August 20.