Nissan to bring new small car to North America image

The Japanese company is bringing its Micra minicar to the North America — but not to the United States, at least for now. The company has announced plans to sell its 2015 Micra to Canada.

This is a move that reflects the fact that Canadian motorists tend to be more interested in small cars than their American counterparts. While Ford is the number one brand in Canada on the strength of the strong sales of the F-150, and Chrysler is number two thanks to strong sales of the Ram 1500, Nissan sales increased by more than 11% last year, according to figures compiled by the web site GoodCarBadCar.

“Micra will change the automotive landscape and provide Canadians with the value and fun they deserve in an entry-level car,” said Christian Meunier, President, Nissan Canada Inc. “With great visibility, impressive agility and excellent turning radius, Micra is designed for Canadian drivers. It will offer a small and fuel efficient, yet spacious and fun choice – at a great price.”

Nissan, however, still trails Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai in overall sales. The Micra gives Nissan an alternative that appeals to urban Canadians, said Meunier, who unveiled the new Micra at the opening of the Montreal Auto Show. He said the Micra will be a “truly Canadian” car with features such as heated outside mirrors, rear heater ducts to keep back seats warm, 60/40 split rear seats and either 15 or 16 inch wheels – sizes that are widely available as snow tires.

Subcompact sales also surged in the US over the last few years as fuel prices soared to record levels. But demand has leveled off as gas prices have slipped back. Industry analysts continue to debate where the segment will go in the years to come – and whether there will be a substantial market for even smaller so-called B-segment models, such as the Smart fortwo, the Fiat 500, the Mini hatchback – or possibly the Nissan Micra.