Nissan to Collaborate With Microsoft for Next-Generation Dealer Management System image

Nissan Motor Co, on Monday announced that It will collaborate with the tech giant Microsoft to create a next-generation dealer management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Using the powerful foundation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the automotive industry expertise of Nissan, the two companies will blend dealer and customer relationship management and social collaboration tools into a solution that will help Nissan develop a stronger relationship with its customers, drive dealer sales and increase market share on a global scale.
The solution will then utilize the Windows Azure platform, taking advantage of the economies of scale and flexibility offered by Microsoft’s public cloud offerings.

When it will be ready, the new system will be rolled out to Nissan’s dealership networks in Japan and other strategic regions across the globe.

In addition, the Japanese automaker intends to explore how Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Windows Azure can work together as a platform to deploy applications across the company’s global network and to standardize its information architecture on the cloud.