Nissan to deliver a massive fleet of electric cabs in Madrid image

Nissan has inked a deal for 110 Leafs with a taxi company in Madrid, thus marking the world’s largest electric cab fleet agreement.

In such tense times for the automotive industry, in which emissions scandals have been emerging almost on an everyday basis, Nissan wants to shift the focus towards cleaner horizons. The Japanese automaker, also caught in the middle of the storm, announced during the Madrid Motor Show that it signed an agreement with a local taxi company from the Spanish capital for one hundred and ten Leaf 30 kWh electric models. It is not Nissan’s first deal of this type, as it has already delivered 100 Leafs and e-NV200 cabs in Amsterdam and 65 in Budapest. However, the contract in Madrid marks the world’s largest full-electric taxi fleet order. In fact, Nissan has sold almost 800 electric vehicles to taxi owners and operators across Europe and the top three markets include Netherlands, UK and Spain.

“Cities across the globe are facing huge challenges in terms of poor air quality and increasing greenhouse emissions,” Gareth Dunsmore, Head of Electric Vehicles for Nissan Europe, said. “Adding zero emission vehicles such as the Leaf to taxi services operating in major cities is vital step to tackling these challenges head on.” The Region of Madrid is trying to spur the demand for green vehicles, planning to propose a grant programme that is scheduled to be presented in June. Furthermore, Madrid City Council has also confirmed it is ready to install charging infrastructure across the capital.