Nissan to introduce wireless charger for the LEAF from 2013 image

Nissan has announced that a wireless charging system will be available for the LEAF electric vehicle from 2013.

The system can be installed at either a private home or in a public parking space and it does not improve or worsen the LEAF’s full recharge time of eight hours. To charge the LEAF’s battery pack, owners would simply have to drive their car over an induction coil installed into the floor which charges the battery. The system will detect the car’s presence and the charge can be programmed and started using a smartphone app.

No leads or plugs are required and the only change to standard Leaf is the addition of a pad on the battery system and some updated battery software. The wireless system is only available on new LEAFs and cannot be retro-fitted. Nissan said the system is not affected by adverse weather conditions and can be installed uncovered outside.

Owners must pay extra for the pad and the charging system to be installed at their homes. Nissan is currently working with Toyota to standardise induction systems in order to reduce their cost.