Nissan to legally defend against South Korea’s claims of emissions manipulation image

Nissan said it has sued South Korea’s authorities over their accusations that the diesel version of the Qashqai crossover was tainted.

The scandal began last month when South Korea’s environment ministry accused Nissan of taking a similar route as Volkswagen, claiming the automaker used an emissions cheating device on its Qashqai crossover Euro 6 diesel that deactivates its exhaust reduction system under regular driving temperature. Furthermore, the authorities fined Nissan with 340 million won (290,000 dollars), ordered a recall of around 800 new Qashqais and also filed a complaint against the head of company’s local operations. Nissan has now started its defense strategy by suing the government. “We have filed the lawsuit to dispute the ministry’s accusations,” a spokesman at Nissan Korea said.

Following the outbreak of Volkswagen’s diesel scandal, South Korea have committed to find out if there are other carmakers in the country using cheating devices. It has also taken some drastic legal measures against the German Group, as a court issued last week an arrest warrant for one of Volkswagen’s executives at the local branch, bringing accusations of manipulating documents and violation of the environmental laws.

After all this diesel saga, the government now plans to introduce real-world emissions tests from 2017 for all diesels, to scrap old diesel-powered cars launched before 2005 by 2019 and to spur demand for electrified cars.

Via Reuters