Since the Leaf has been sold below Nissan’s sales target, the automaker plans to offer a cheaper version of the model.

During the first half of this fiscal year, Nissan sold less than 12, 000 Leafs, an increase of 11% compared with the same period last year, but under the goal of 40,000 units set for the full year. All automakers are disappointed of the plug-in cars sales during the past years, despite the billions of grants, loans and consumer subsidies offered by governments to boost sales and attract customers.

“The main hesitation in buying the car is from driving range anxiety. Maybe we were over optimistic with the ramp-up as well,” said Nissan executive vice-president, Andy Palmer.

Given the fussy history of this vehicle and the skepticism that surrounds it, any issue concerning the quality of this car should be handled quickly and quietly, which the automaker didn’t do in June when more and more customers began complaining about the vehicle’s battery ability to retain power.

Once people start to believe that Nissan sells cars with unreliable batteries, it would only mean a disaster for the Leaf and probably EVs’ sales across the board. Just think about how long it took to settle down rumors about the Fisker Karma, and before that the Chevy Volt.


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