Nissan to Sell Globally Vehicles With Chinese Design image

Nissan plans to sell globally vehicles based on the Chinese customer’s preferences.

The fact that Nissan relies on the influence of the Chinese design in its vehicles, shows the country’s importance at a worldwide scale. But Nissan is not the only automaker which plans to leverage the Asian country’s burgeoning design talent. GM, VW and BMW have also prepared their facilities. Both GM and VW have used the Chinese design in their Buick LaCrosse and the Passat.

Nissan has already begun to test the customers’ reaction to this move with its Beijing studios and with the Friend-Me Concept, presented this year at the Shanghai Auto Show. The Japanese automaker plans to have the Beijing studio design a global vehicle and Nissan’s global design head, Shiro Nakamura, said that this strategy has already started to be implemented.

Nakamura added that in about two years Nissan will introduce a Chinese-designed global model, to be sold in Europe, Japan and North America. What Chinese buyers want to have in their vehicles is the difficult to describe and translate ‘daqi’. It remains to be seen if the Chinese daqi will manage to attract customers in global markets.

Source: Autoblog