Nissan to Transfer Primastar Van Production From Spain to France image

According to anonymous sources Nissan plans to transfer Primastar van production from Spain to France.

Nissan’s move to transfer production of the Primastar van from Spain to France is aimed at helping its French alliance partner, Renault, to increase domestic output as promised to the labor unions when they agreed with the automaker’s restructuring plan. The Primastar will be manufactured at Renault’s Sandouville facility, the Trafic model and GM’s Opel Vivaro.

“The decision to pull Primastar out of Barcelona is made,” a source close to Nissan said. “It’s logical that Primastar production will be combined with other alliance commercial vehicles.”

The Primastar production will be moved after the introduction of the new Renault Trafic at the beginning of 2014, which is also transferred to the Sandouville plant from GM’s Luton plant in England. In 2012 the Barcelona plant manufactured only 4,600 Primastar units, but the automaker expects sales to increase with the replacement of the 12 years old model.

Carlos Ghosn promised to raise Renault’s production in France by 100,000 units and by 80,000 units for Nissan and Daimler by 2016, as a result for the labor unions’ concessions, including the wage restraint.