Nissan to use more common parts in next cars image

Nissan Motor Co said on Monday it plans to use more common parts across different vehicle segments. The Japanese automaker plans to cut costs by nearly 30 percent.

According to Reuters, Japan’s No.2 automaker said the new engineering concept, dubbed Common Module Family or CMF, would double the use of common parts in the next generation of its vehicles to around 80 percent. The company will develop first vehicle under the CMF strategy in 2013.

The application of Nissan CMF entails the use of four modules – engine compartment, cockpit, front underbody and rear underbody – as well as the architecture for electronic components, with each module having appropriate variations.

Vehicles are designed by combining these modules in different ways. Depending on the module configuration, a variety of vehicles – compacts, large-sized vehicles through to tall SUVs – can be efficiently designed, Nissan said.

Corporate Vice President Hideyuki Sakamoto said that would help Nissan use common parts across as many as 1.6 million vehicles, compared with the 50,000-200,000 that are covered now.

He said Nissan aimed to eventually match the volume reach of Volkswagen AG, which pioneered the concept of commonisation in the auto industry.