Nissan Transfers Murano Production to the US image

Nissan plans to transfer production of the Murano crossover from Japan to the US in 2014, as the automaker continues the expansion into the North American market.

Beginning with 2014 a revamped Murano will be manufactured in Canton, Mississippi, according to Nissan. The automaker is already adding the Sentra small car in Canton, and Murano will be the eighth model to be manufactured at the 10-year-old facility.

“With the addition of this new model in Canton, Nissan is well on its way toward meeting our goal to manufacture 85 percent of the vehicles we sell in the U.S. right here in North America,” Bill Krueger, vice chairman of Nissan Americas, said in the statement.

Nissan accelerated its expansion in North America after the yen increased in 2011 to 75.82 against the dollar, affecting Japanese exports to the US. Besides Nissan, Honda and Toyota are also raising output in Mexico and the US. Yesterday, January 10th, Nissan announced it has started manufacturing the Leaf in Smyrna, Tennessee.

In 2012, Nissan’s production in North America at plants in Mississippi, Tennessee and Mexico increased 14% to 1.33 million. By transferring the Murano production to Mississippi, Nissan will also add several hundred jobs.