This is probably one of the best ways to troll a company ever: Nissan took notice at jabs sent between Canadian DJ Deadmau5 and Ferrari, pulling a PR rabbit out of the hat.

The Canadian DJ, which is called Joel Zimmerman in the real life, has become famous for his customizations on the cars he owns – the most recent idea was putting blue calipers and blue intake covers on his new McLaren 650S. But before that, he became a little more famous because Ferrari asked him through a cease and desist letter to “decustomize” his Ferrari 458 – dubbed the Purrari. The white supercar was wrapped in a Nyan cat theme, and Ferrari was mostly offended by he Prancing Horse logo’s replacement with cat badges.

So, Nissan has Tweeted to Deadmau5 about their brand new GT-R Nyan cat wrap edition, complete with a “Spec Deadmau5” logo. The association between the Japanese automaker and the DJ is actually rather logic and quite brilliant – since the GT-R, just like Deadmau5 mostly relies on electronics for dynamic prowess. The specifically designed model also features the Mau5head logo – which has been the subject of another controversy for Deadmau5 – which came in conflict with none other than Disney.


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