Nissan unveils NV200 London Taxi – The London “Black Cab” image

Nissan unveils Black Cab for the future of London and also for the 300, 000 daily users. This bold new black cab has been christened by Nissan as NV200 London Taxi.

One best thing about NV200 London Taxi is that it comes with a significantly reduced carbon dioxide gas emission (CO2) than the current taxi models running on the streets. Apart from this project, there is also a plan for an all electric e-NV200 concept that will make its trials in the capital. The central point for this model is the association with Air Quality strategy for London of Mayor Boris Johnson.

To welcome the launch of this new taxi model, Mayor Johnson has joined hands with disability groups and influential London Taxi Driver’s Association. The manufacturer Nissan has said in its statement that taxi versions of this new model NV200 have successfully been unveiled in Tokyo where this vehicle has been chosen as exclusive New York City ‘Taxi of the tomorrow’. This model is opening the doors for Nissan to survive in the private hire industry.

The car gets 2.7 litre diesel engine which was used on various cars from Nissan. Not only it offers small amount of CO2 emissions, but it also provides comfortable interior for the passengers. The car is designed to provide complete comfort to driver, passengers and even road users. The car provides convenience, space and comfort to the occupants and focus on more environmental friendly nature.

NV200 London Taxi can be said as a compact van and it gets the same look and feel. This design has received many awards that include ‘International van Of The Year’. This taxi can comfortably accommodate total five adults – three adults on the rear bench, two adults on rear facing folding seats, and the front passenger that has been removed intentionally to provide cargo space.

The diesel variant of NV200 may possible price less as compared to the low TX4 model and it can be bought from a designated specialist Nissan dealer. The taxi can save almost 50 percent of fuel as compared to the more efficient model TX4 that produces a combined figure of 35.3 mpg. The NV200 London Cab features 1.5 dCi 89 horsepower, 6 speed manual Euro V engine that covers 53.3 mpg as a combined transmission result.

As announced by the company, Nissan NV200 is an international taxi that will be launched in most of the biggest and brightest cities. Efficient, convenient, comfortable, and safe are some of the features that the manufacturer has taken care of.

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    Exciting stuff! The London Black cab finally enters the 21st century.