Nissan Motor Corporation has announced that it will export its Rogue Model to North America from its Japan plant starting 2016 in order to meet the U.S. increased demand for the product.

The Rogue crossovers will be built at the Kyushu plant beginning the following spring at a number of 100, 00 vehicles, adding to the current Rogue models manufactured at the moment in Smyrna, Tennessee, U.S., and Busan, South Korea. In October 2014, Nissan also started producing the Rogue models in Busan ito cater for the high demands coming from North America.

The crossovers seem to have been the public’s favorites over the sedans, making the Rogue model to appeal to a big number of motorists in the U.S. by looking like a traditional sport utility car without the truck chassis.

The crossover segment, particularly small crossovers, is the hottest part of the automotive market right now,” said Fred Diaz, head of Nissan’s Sales and Marketing for North America.

While spokesman for Nissan, David Reuter, explained that Nissan’ move was made due to the increased demand, the currency advantages are not to be neglected as a weak yen in face of the dollar leads to a bigger profit for Nissan when its Rogue models are built in Japan and exported for sale in the United States. He also added that the production capacity for Rogue at the Tennessee plant has reached its limit.

Nissan’s Rogue debuted on the U.S. market in 2007 and has been seeing a lot of gains ever since, with a growth of 36% only in the first half of this year. While the Rogue model turned to be the best-selling crossover in America, Honda Motor Co’s CR-V is not doing bad at all, coming in second with a 20% increase in sales for the first half of 2015.


By Gabriela Florea


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