Nissan will build Murano in China image

After a long series of rumors, Nissan has confirmed that the automaker will begin domestic production of the Murano crossover SUV in China.

The Murano was unofficially known as the Mei Lun Nu in Chinese mainland automotive media following the Murano’s name from Hong Kong and Taiwan markets, but as the Murano’s localization at Dongfeng-Nissan’s factories comes closer Nissan have given the Murano its own Chinese name: Lou Lan (??).

The Murano is built on Nissan’s “D-Platform” — a proven driver’s chassis that also sits underneath the popular 2011 Altima — rated as one of the best handling cars by J. D. Power, and optimized for the Murano.

In the U.S., Actual Murano generation is offered in three trim levels: the base S, the mid-grade SL, and the top of the line LE.[8] The performance-oriented SE model is no longer available. The S and SL are offered with standard FWD, with optional iAWD (Intelligent All Wheel Drive) available. The LE trim is iAWD only.

In other news, Japan Quake delays Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet production. Along with a delay, this ultra-niche vehicle will become a bit risky as far as its functionality and price are concerned. However, there are not many Nissan models that commence its price at $47,190 and also there is no crossover coupes can be found with a stowable top.