Nissan working on 370Z successor image

The Japanese based automaker Nissan is currently working on a successor to the 370Z model, which is expected to make its debut in two years.

The replacement for the Nissan 370Z will follow the “classic” path of weight saving and downsize so the next generation of the Japanese vehicle will use a more powerful four-cylinder turbo engine and after a severe diet, the model will weigh less compared to its predecessor. Nissan is also promising that the 370Z successor will be better to drive and according to the company’s design boss, Shiro Nakamura, the model will be more attractive to a wider array of customers.

With the replacement for the Nissan 370Z losing some weight, the model is also expected to get a smaller four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which will provide a similar level of power and performance to the current model so the 0 to 60 mph sprint should take about 6 seconds, but CO2 emissions and fuel consumption will be significantly improved. Shiro Nakamura also said that the car manufacturer has already started working on a concept version for the replacement of the Nissan 370Z and the model is expected to make its first appearance sometimes in 2014, during a major auto show.