Nissan/Renault Plans Electric Vehicles to be 10% of Sales Until 2020 image

Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn plans the company’s electric vehicles to reach 10% of the car sales market in 2020.

There are 11, 000 Nissan Leaf units in the U.S. and 27, 000 worldwide, making the Leaf the best selling electric vehicle in history. The plan may become reality taking into consideration the fact that gas prices are rising in America and that the pricey batteries and electric components required for electric vehicles is falling.

“I still believe they will be 10% of the market by 2020 in all the regions where electric vehicles are available…I have zero doubt that zero emission is here to stay,” he declared.

Ghosn is also aware of the fact that most U.S. buyers would purchase an electric car if it were more affordable, that is why Nissan will launch a new Leaf campaign to represent actual buyers. Nissan is planning to start local production of the Leaf not only in Tennessee, USA, but also in England, to enable mass production of the Nissan Leaf in both the U.S. and Europe. According to Ghosn, Leaf sales will see a major boost from higher production volume.