Nissan’s April Global Sales Up 0.2% image

Last month Nissan’s global sales increased 0.2% to 364,336 units, an all-time record for the month of April.

In Japan, Nissan sold 37,538 vehicles, down 4.8% year-on-year and registrations were up 13.0% in April to 29,810 units, thanks to high demand for the NV350 Caravan and the Note. Mini-vehicle sales in the country dropped 40.7% to 7,728 units. In April sales outside Japan were up 0.8% to 326,798 units, a record for the month.

In the US sales rose 23.2% to 87,847 units due to high demand for the Nissan Leaf, Rogue, Pathfinder, Sentra and Altima, while in Europe sales dropped 10.9% to 43,728 vehicles. In China Nissan saw its sales increase 3.2% to 103,300 units, thanks to increased sales for the Sylphy and Teana. Exports in April fell 14.5% to 45,010 units, with exports to North America down 10.2% to 29,242 units and to Europe, down 4.5% to 5,628 units.

Earlier this month Nissan has revealed a new steel-blue logo that reads NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY, aimed at clearly make the difference between the company and the brand. Under the NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY blue-gray insignia are the logos of the Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti brands. Until now the company’s emblem was red and it had NISSAN written in bold, with sassy ‘S’ letters.