Nissan’s Datsuns Will Share Lada Platform image

Nissan’s executive vice president Colin Dodge announced that the low-cost Datsun vehicles will be based on the Lada platform.

“Datsuns will be built off the new Lada Kalina platform,” Dodge, who is Nissan’s top executive for Europe, told Automotive News Europe.

Dodge added that the Datsun cars will use the same steering mechanicals, braking and fuel systems as the Lada vehicles, but that there will be a difference in the cars’ design. Nissan plans to sell the Datsun brand in Russia, Indonesia and India beginning with 2014, and it considers the brand a central piece in its plan to expand in emerging markets.

“The upper body and interior will be completely different, You won’t notice it as a Lada,” said Dodge.

Head of Datsun Vincent Cobee said that the automaker will introduce two models during in 2014 and a third one in 2015. The models will be unveiled at the end of 2013. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn announced earlier this month that the starting price for the Datsun vehicles will be $3,000 (2,300 euro), competing with the low-cost Chinese cars.

The Datsun vehicles will be manufactured together with Ladas and the Almera sedan at AvtoVAZ’s factory in Togliatti, almost 800km (500 miles) southeast of Moscow.