Nissan’s Head of Sales in Europe, Paul Willcox, Leaves Company image

Paul Willcox, Nissan’s head of marketing and sales in Europe left the automaker to pursue other opportunities.

According to Nissan officials, Paul Willcox, the automaker’s head of marketing and sales in Europe, left the company to pursue other opportunities, and will be replaced by Guillaume Cartier, Nissan Europe’s head of sales operations, effective September 1st.

Willcox, 49, joined Nissan in 1992 and quickly became a rising star, serving as head of Nissan in the UK and then being promoted to the European sales and marketing role in 2011. Cartier, 44, who will succeed Willcox, has been named Nissan Europe’s head of sales operations in 2011, after he served as managing director of Nissan Austria. He joined the automaker in 1995.

During the first six months of the year Nissan’s sales dropped 5.2% in Europe, according to ACEA. In May, Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn said he expects Nissan to reach a record global retail sales year, but also sees another tough year in Europe.

“I think 2013 is going to be tough and I don’t foresee any growth in Europe probably before the end of [Nissan’s] mid-term plan, which means not before 2016, or even later,” said Ghosn. “We think the European consumer is confused, he doesn’t know when Europe is going to get out of this crisis and until he sees or understands what’s going on in Europe, I don’t think [he’s] going to buy cars.”

Source: Autonews