Nissan’s Infiniti recalls 60,000 Q50 sedans for faulty steering image

Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury brand, will recall around 60,000 car models worldwide because the steering system key for the sedan’s autonomous driving function might not work properly.

According to Stefan Weinmann, spokesman for the carmaker, this recall will extend to every market that the Infiniti Q50 sedan was sold, China and North America included. It is estimated that 6,894 cars will be recalled in China, which include the imported Q50 models and a long-wheel base version that is manufactured locally.

The Q50 model is the first car from Infiniti to be able to drive itself on highways under certain conditions due to its direct adaptive steering system. However, as the auto industry is fast forwarding to put autonomous cars on the streets as soon as possible, there are still technical issues that occur in the process.

Weinmann explained that the car’s steering system would malfunction “in certain rare circumstances, just after starting the vehicle” when a software error could “lead to a lack of steering responsiveness and change in turning radius.”
Infiniti will announce its drivers about the recall in both June and July, as Weinmann emphasizes that the brand is focused on the safety of its customers.

Infiniti CEO, Roland Krueger, stated for Reuters last week that the company would introduce the steering system to more of its cars, explaining that “with this function, we can offer what we call partial autonomous drive already, so the car above approximately 60 km/h on the highway can be driven hands free.”

It is not the first time the Q50 model encounters issues with its direct adaptive steering system as Infiniti recalled the 2014 model year Q50 units for the possibility that the electric steering system could be disabled at freezing temperatures.